Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wearing Panties With Other Guys

I love sucking my panty friend's cock when we are BOTH dressed in lingerie.Once we undress out of our girly things, I don't want to kiss him, or suck his cock.Of course, as soon as we are dressed together I can't get enough of him in my mouth, his tongue, his cock, his arse....It MUST be the panties.

Cocks In Panties

Just a normal guy and his cock do nothing for me, but shave or trim that cock and dress him up in panties, stockings or lingerie and something different comes over me. I get turned on and just imagine how it would feel both of us pleasuring each other all dolled up. Seeing a panty covered cock or a man dressed in lingerie and he no longer is a man but a sexy insatiable goddess. I enjoy camming and chatting with others who wear lingerie, guess I am an exhibitionist. Just a regular man jerking off on cam does nothing for me but him jerking his clitty with panties on makes my cock rock hard and all I can think of is wishing I was there sucking his clitty. Take the panties off and I want nothing to do with him. I guess in my mind the smoother they are and more fem they are.

When I'm dressed completely feminine I check out some of the pictures at this site for guys into wearing panties and other female clothing. To have my lips around a hard cock when I'm dressed as a female makes me feel totally feminine. Sucking, licking, kissing it knowing that I'm pleasing the person, makes me feel almost like a women unfortunately no pussy. If I'm dressed as a guy a cock does nothing for me, but when I am dressed feminine I want to suck them all.

Being With Another Man Wearing Panties

I miss crossdressing with others and I don’t get to do it enough. I love rubbing my penis, wearing panties of course, against another man wearing panties. The feel of hard cocks encasesd in nylon panties gives me shivers. Knowing that we are both hard becasue we love to wear panties and also becasue we are making each other hard. When someone sees your hard cock in your panties and that makes him hard it makes you feel really, really sexy. Being the object of desire is something you have to experience. Back to men in panties rubbing cocks. I really enjoy looking down and seeing our cocks pressing into each other and noticing the wet spots begin to widen and grow. How about you? Have you tried it? Would you like too? I’ve been with about 12 other crossdressers. I know, What a slut. What can I say. I was curious at first and then found it very hot and erotic. I met them all at this crossdressing site I visit the site often, check it out you will enjoy it.

Other Crossdressers To Dress With

I had placed an ad online at this site I often visit looking for another crossdresser to play with. I had done this before and even though it made me a little nervous it was also very exciting anticipating who would answer my ad and what he would be like. When I opened the door there he was dressed like a guy but with a little bag with him. I invited him in and we talked about out mutual desires and the kind of panties and lingerie we each liked. I was already wearing panties and all my lingerie when he went to change. He returned and was wearing a white pair of panties, white bra and little short half slip. His panty bulge was clearly visible under all that. I wanted to touch and rub that bulge but it was too soon. I walked over to him and began running my finger along his bra strap and over the cups. He reached down and began rubbing my ass through my slip and panties. Soon we both had nice bulges and panty tents showing under our little slips. We hugged each other and I could feel our hard cocks touching. OMG, that is such a thrill. I love being able to turn on another man in panties. It makes me feel so hot and sexual and full of desire. He turned me around and pressed me into the wall while he pressed him self into me. His cock was harder now and I could feel it pressing into my ass. Did I want him to fuck me? I had only one cock in my ass and it was really nice. I wasn’t sure about anal sex right then so we gradually moved to the bed and began feeling each other everywhere. I moved my hand down to the tent in his slip and panties. His cock was very hard and full. It was wider around then mine and longer too. It was quite the cock and I wanted it in my mouth. In my mouth it went and I loved how it felt. I had just enough room to swirl my tongue around the head. He was moaning and began thrusting into my mouth. “I’m going to come” he said. I liked seeing cocks spurt so I let it slip out of my mouth and stroked him with my hand until…. Big huge spurt of milky white come began erupting out of him and all over my hand and his panties. He then looked at me and said “Your turn”.

Meeting Another Crossdresser

I had placed an ad online at this crossdressing site looking for someone to play with. I had finally left my wife of 27 years and was free, for the first time, to do exactly what I wanted to do. I had just moved into my new apartment and was horny to be with another crossdresser. He had told me in his emails that he loved big panties, bras and half slips and since those things were a favorite of mine I thought we would have a good time together. This would be the forth crossdresser that I had met on this crossdressing site and played with and I was really looking forward to it. He arrived and I was already dressed in a full slip, full cut panty briefs, garter belt and stockings. We chatted for a bit and then he stepped into my little bathroom and changed. He looked really hot in his pink nylon half slip and I could tell he was excited already because there was a nice big tent in his slip. Being the cause of someone getting sexually excited by seeing you is an amazing feeling that I hope all of you experience sometime. We spent along time just rubbing our panties together. It feels so good to rub my cock against the tent in his nylon panties. We had lots of fun doing this in many ways and positions but after awhile I wanted to see his cock and I slowly took it out of his panties. He was hard, swollen and leaking and very excited. I asked him if I could take it into my mouth and he smiled and said “please do”. We sucked each other for a very long time. We saw each other three times and each time it the sex got better and better. Here’s one of the a pictures I took.

I Enjoy Crossdressing With Other Crossdressers

I crossdress all the time and I love to masturbate most every time I do. I especially love looking at pictures of other crossdressers wearing slips, garters, stockings, teddies, baby dolls, sheer lingerie, lacy lingerie, and of course sexy panties, and old fashioned full cut nylon panty briefs.
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